“Luxury is selling a dream or a notion, more than selling a couture dress on a mannequin”

I met Russian fashion director Alla Verber for the first time whilst on my way to a fashion show in Moscow. Draped in her signature furs, she flung open the door to her distinctive gold Bentley and offered me a lift. As we made our way to the show, she confided that whilst she loved her handbags, she loved rather less how they left her essentials in plain sight of the paparazzi. Inspired by the opportunity to solve a practical problem for a woman I admired, I designed an innovative ‘trap door’ feature – which was later patented for its ingenuity – and named the resulting creation the Alla. To date, it remains one of my bestselling designs.


I have always felt inspired by the extraordinary women who wear my designs. Their effortless personal style often finds itself subtly interpreted in bespoke visual touches, whilst utilitarian details address the essential needs of a fast-paced international lifestyle. My bags are intended to function as a second home, conveying the unique personality of the woman who carries them whilst simultaneously protecting her inner world.


I’m proud to see my creations worn by some of the world’s most glamorous and internationally-recognised women. From models, musicians and fashion professionals like Naomi Campbell, Rita Ora and Helen David through to royalty like Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, my work is heavily informed by the close relationships I enjoy with remarkable women, as well as my connection to the dazzling social scenes of elite circles around the globe.