Icons: The Alla Bag

Our World Patented Trapdoor Feature in our Alla Bags.

Alla 19cm: L: 19cm W: 5.5cm H: 12cm
Alla 21cm: L: 21cm W: 8cm H: 14.5cm
Alla 23cm: L: 23cm W: 8cm H: 16cm
Alla 25cm: L: 25cm W: 10cm H: 17.5cm

Timeless and multi-functional as an evening hand-held bag, modern on the shoulder and sporty crossbody.

Exceptional Artisanship

It takes our skilled artisans 38 hours to make an Alla bag. The edges are lovingly polished and painted no less than 10 times with its unique trapdoor which requires great difficulty to craft and attach.