Juan Pablo Molyneux’s HÔtel Particulier

When Juan Pablo Molyneux and Ethan Koh met at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair, London, they quickly realised the similarities they share in their creative process. “You are yourself when you are dreaming” appropriately pointed out by Monsieur Molyneux. Their passion for the elements of design, which they both regard so highly make this a very organic marriage between interior design and product design. “I want my collectors to feel at home. Be it when they visit my spaces or wear my creations” says Ethan Koh, founder and creative director of the brand. The pop-up store features the architectural and interior design concept for which Juan Pablo Molyneux is celebrated, which aims to unify old world glamour with modern day inspiration.


The boutique opening was followed by a cocktail, hosted in the 1618 hôtel particulier, Hotel Claude Passart, the home of Pia & JP Molyneaux, hidden in the Marais district. An intimate soirée, where Ethan`s international guests from the United States, Europe and Asia gathered. Gallerists such as Pierre Alain Challier, Fashion Historian and Curator at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Pamela Golbin & top socialite ladies & private clients for Ethan K came out to support Ethan Koh’s triumph in France.