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The World’s First Ethan K Space of Dreams

On 28th of September 2018, Ethan Koh redefines luxury and ushers his label into Galeries Lafayette – one of the most famous department stores in the world. Unlike other fashion or accessories designers, Ethan Koh does not follow trends or create pieces that reflect the current fashion mood. A creative visionary more closely associated within the contemporary art world, Ethan finds himself regularly working with artists, art collectors and curators of museums and has created a cult following amongst them including royalty.


His work is truly inspired by his encounters with people or places and is widely believed to be a bridge for culture and creativity from the East where form meets function, to the West where visual effect is key to creativity. From his unique childhood in the tropical Singapore and his life in Europe, Koh strongly believes that designers in the West mostly possess creativity and appreciate poetry, as for the east it is about philosophy, school of thought, symbolism and deeper elements beyond propaganda and religion.


The stunning new home for Ethan K in Paris is designed by critically acclaimed interior designer Juan Pablo Molyneux. Expect nothing less than spectacular from the alliance of two of the powerhouses in design and opulence.


When Juan Pablo Molyneux and Ethan Koh met at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair, London, they quickly realised the similarities they share in their creative process – both connoisseurs of pragmatic design, finding the perfect balance between romantic-fantasy, functioning practicality and redefining maximalism in their respective fields. “You are yourself only when you are dreaming” appropriately pointed out by Monsieur Molyneux. Their passion for the elements of design, which they both regard so highly – harmony, proportion, symmetry and rhythm, make this a very organic marriage between interior design and product design.
The pop-up is a sophisticated and contemporary handbag haven, a true refuge, designed to reflect the brand’s personality with a touch of curved lines inspired by the dreamy movements of Rita Hayworth and the excitement of dressing up. “I want my collectors to feel at home. Be it when they visit my spaces or wear my creations” says Ethan Koh, founder and creative director of the brand. “We used a shade of green for the base of the pop up as green is the colour of life, renewal and nature. Green soothes your senses, allowing the collector to enter into a dream like state”. It features the architectural and interior design concept for which Juan Pablo Molyneux is celebrated, which aims to unify old world glamour with modern day inspiration, and an air of mystery. This new magical space will present individuals with a unique and bespoke shopping experience where luxury is at the forefront.


The collection will include some classic and iconic pieces that have been especially curated for Galeries Lafayette to introduce key pieces of the collection. Think quintessential Ethan K – the most exquisite exotic skins, paired with beautiful semi-precious stones, in resplendent colour combinations.