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The Alla was born upon a chance encounter with Ethan and Alla Verber (Vice President of Mercury and TSUM Moscow) enroute to a fashion show in Moscow where he promised to design her a bag where she could reach out to her belongings via a trapdoor. It proved an immense success and ushered ladies handbags into the modern era.

Our Patented Trapdoor Feature

A patented feature which was then spotted around European and British society from the Royal Ascot to the Chelsea Flower show to Heads of state, the Alla then would then lead a whole collection of bags in stunning sizes and colours.

Clean Lines

The delicate, strict lines of the Alla bag with its timeless A line shape from the side made this style famous, with its chic proportions. True to it’s spirit of functionality, the Alla stars into many roles, be it a classic hand held bag, a modern on the shoulder or as a sporty crossbody.

Exceptional Artisanship

It takes our skilled artisans 38 hours to make an Alla bag. It’s edges are lovingly polished and painted no less than 10 times with its unique trapdoors which goes through great difficulty to fit on.

Alla 12cm: L: 12cm W: 5cm H: 9.5cm
Alla 19cm: L: 19cm W: 5.5cm H: 10.5cm
Alla 21cm: L: 21cm W: 11cm H: 15cm
Alla 23cm: L: 23cm W: 9cm H: 16cm