Kite Collection

Inspired by childhood memories closet to my heart

This collection, as the name suggests is inspired by Kites and holds a particularly symbolic childhood association for me. The emotive inspiration behind the pieces and the love and passion that have been poured into each unique and exclusive creation represent memories from my childhood, that have shaped me into the contemporary bag artist that I am recognized as today.


I fondly remember playing in my beautiful gardens and the tannery which were situated at the back of my family residence. It was in the abundance of open space near the tannery, that my siblings and I would spend hours flying the brilliantly coloured kites that my father painstakingly created and coloured by hand. He did so using the dyes from the tannery so that each of us could take pride in flying our truly one of a kind kites. This act of love has left an indelible mark on my mind. Running in the sky, resembling a colourful accompaniment to the clouds; winding, whipping, soaring through the air, the richly lustred kites would light up the sky of our neighbourhood and be the envy of all our other fellow flyers.

In this era of instant gratification through social media, I still believe that true perfection is achieved through craftsmanship and skill that require time as well as patience. It is through this passion and dedication that the Kite Collection was born. A piece of heart, a piece of art to be treasured by only the most discerning couture collectors.